Control Your Sex Drive

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Sex drive are natural to human being. There is nothing sinful to feel ashamed or guilty about it. If the sex drive were not desirable for human being, it would not have been created by the nature in a first place, or it would have been extinct in the process of evolution. The fact is that sex drive is very much essential for the survival of humanity on this beautiful planet.

However, life is not all about the fulfillment of sexual desire. There is professional, personal and social responsibility that needs to be taken care of throughout life. So when the sex drive starts to interfere in other areas of life such as the relationship with others, spiritual pursuit, or professional goal then it needs to be controlled. Here are some ways that may help you to control your sex drive:

Be Engage In Physical Activity

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Being engaged in the physical activity is the most appropriate and healthy way to control the sex drive. Any outdoor game or exercise that makes you exert and perspire help you to keep a check on your sexual drive. Physical activity is the healthiest way to combat sexual energy and to release the physical frustration of not having sex. So to control your sex drive, you should increase your physical activity.

Postpone The Urge To Dedicate Attention

The moment you start to realize that your sex drive is grabbing your attention then you should make a conscious effort to postpone it for a certain period of time instead of fighting with it or looking for the opportunity to satisfy its demand. Sexual drive is natural, and it bound to be experienced due to hormonal change. However, once you learn the trick to postpone it by diverting your attention then the chances are you do not feel the urge after a certain period of time.

Keep Yourself Away From Sexual Stimulations

To have a control over your sex drive, it is better to identity what stimulate your sexual urge and keep yourself away from it. The sexual stimulations could be erotic pictures, explicit books, or pornography. Nowadays, it is very much difficult to keep yourself away from the sexual stimulations because of its easy availability, but once you make up your mind you can do that.

Stop Sexual Fantasy

Sexual fantasy stimulates the sex drive. Usually, the sex energy stays dormant within you but with imagination, it starts to function. If you imagine more about the sex, the greater your sex drive would be. So to have a control over your sex drive, you need to stop the sexual fantasy.

Seek Help

Seeking help from other people in relation to find out how to control sex drive is considered very much appropriate. However, before seeking help from other you should make sure why you want to control your sex drive to enable yourself to contact the right person. The reason could be anything life; the feeling of over sex drive, spiritual pursuit, or non availability of partner. And the right person would be your partner, close friends, spiritual master,or doctor for your specific reasons to control sex drive. You never know a little advice from others can save your lot of time and effort and help you to successfully control your sex drive.

Finally, although sex is a wonderful experience of life that has the capacity to create life, but you should not let it ruin your professional, personal, or social life. That is why, you need to have the capacity to manage your sex drive instead of getting burned by it. The moment you realize that your sex drive is hampering your personal growth, you should make a conscious effort to control it for the betterment of your life.

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