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Sex and spirituality have fascinated the human mind like nothing else in the world. Whether there is a great inter-relation between sex and spirituality, or they are poles apart. Is supremacy can be achieved through sex, or it is a hindrance on the path of spiritual growth? There are many such types of questions arises in the mind of the seeker while walking on the path of spirituality.


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Sex, the forbidden fruit, is a very much natural phenomenon. The temptation of sex is so strong that it keeps a person wanting more. Sex is going to remain human being no matter whether you love it or criticize it.

The sex organs and the hormones, which stimulate the sexual desire, are not something to feel ashamed about it. If it had not been good for humanity at large, nature had not provided us. It is very much essential for reproduction of human being otherwise humanity would get extinct from the earth.

There is nothing harm in sex. We all are born of sex, and it is an extension of love for the other person. However, when sex is misused it creates problems for the person and society at large.

Sex is a blissful experience when it is performed as an extension of love for the other person, but when it is done just to derive gratification out of it then it creates problems. The desire to feed the lust is a never-ending process, and it makes a person addicted to sex.

The knowledge about sex is essential for everyone. There are many misconceptions prevailing in the society about sex. Sexual harassment, rape, infidelity and of the same prevails in the society due to lack of sex knowledge.

Indulgence in sex cannot take a person to a higher level. If you want to make a spiritual progress in life, you need to get over your desire to have sex out of lust.

Lust is a vice just like, anger, greed, and jealousy. The pleasure derives by satisfying lust ruins your vital energy. So you need to get over it.

To get over lust, you need to train your mind not to wonder here and there and keep it busy so that it does not get time to indulge in activity such as pornography, which triggers the mind. Lust does not bother a person who is in deep love or engaged in work to realize their big goal in life. So, keep yourself busy all the time to keep the lust out of life.


Spirituality is about being conscious about one’s true nature. The path of spirituality leads a person to be connected with their inner self. Spirituality is a blissful experience in life, and the effect of it is quite visible in the nature of the seeker.

The goal of life is to joyful life; being happy for ever. Momentarily, pleasure derived from sex cannot satisfy our senses all the time. Once we realize our desire, we would be happy but after some, time the happiness will be gone. However, the pleasure obtained through spirituality is always going to remain with the person throughout their lives.

Spirituality is not about killing the sexual desire, which is essential for the reproduction of human being. Spirituality does not intend to make human being extinct.

Love is the core of sex and spirituality. Sex is the lower nature of love whereas spirituality is a highest form of love. Both give the sensation of pleasure. However, the pleasure obtained through sex is transitory in nature whereas the joy of spirituality never ends.

The path of spirituality advancement is an unending. There is no limit to grow and evolve as a spiritual being. Here the seekers keep on growing every moment. The desire to move on and enjoy the blissful experiences of life never goes to end on the path of spiritual development.

To conclude, sex is a natural part of life, be moderate with it. Over-indulgence to sex saps your energy level, and you will have not been enough energy left to seek spiritual advancement in life. Spirituality is bliss, but it demands energy in a large quantity to overcome the vices of life, such as anger, jealousy, hate, lust and of the same. So, avoid lust full sex and conserve your vital energy to walk on the path of spiritual growth and have a blissful life.

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