Basic Steps to Copywriting Process

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Although there are no fixed strategies to produce successful copies. However, having a planned and systematic approach helps to create an effective copy; a copy that grabs the attention of target people and gets them to act. By following basic steps, you have nothing to lose, but you stand every chance to become successful as a copywriter. The basic steps to copywriting process are as follows:

Check Your Product / Services

To write an effective copy, it is essential to understand the USP of your product or services. People are interested in their own benefits. "what is in it for me?" is all everyone asks. You need to craft your copy in such a way that shows what kind of benefits readers will get with the special features of product or services.

Know Your Target Audience

Who do you want to attract? It is better to have a clear picture of exactly who these people are, housewives, working mom, student, office goers, business man or farmers. The more specific you are, the better you can write your copy.

Figure Out Your Aim

Figure out, what is the end result that you want to obtain from advertising or promotional material? Do you want to sell a product or services, inform people or bring awareness?

Understand Your Medium

Different form of advertising or promotional medium requires the different set of approach while writing copy to suit the taste of specific people related to medium. Some advertising and promotional media are as such:

a) Newspaper advertisement (national, regional or local press)

b) Magazines

c) Advertorials in newspaper and magazines

d) Commercial for the television, radio or cinema

e) Press release

f) Poster advertising

g) Sales letter

h) Company brochures, catalogue, etc.

Write Copy

Once you figure out your product, target audience, aim and medium then you need to craft a copy. Write attention grabbing headlines and subheading and also make sure body copy interesting, precise and important.

Proofread Your Copy

After you finished writing, you should proofread it to check for spelling, punctuations and grammar mistakes. It is completely unprofessional when there is an error in your copy. Error will take your message in different direction and spoil your hard work.

Copywriting is easy provided you do your research. Spend some time for research prior to crafting your copy. You will definitely make your copy interesting and effective one.

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