Respect the feelings of others

Personal Growth

Throughout in our life journey, we are destined to have many people around us in farm of relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers and even some strangers. They all play important role in our lives and help us to evolve as a strong human being. So having respect for the feelings of others is essential for us to grow as a strong individual.

As we all human beings are unique in our own way, so the persons around us may have different feelings, beliefs and behaviors in accordance with their own needs and motivations. They cannot react the same way in any given situation as we do. However, by respecting the feelings of others, we help us to realize our desired goal smoothly and live a truly contented life.

By respecting the feelings of others, we encourage them to share their feelings and experiences in a more friendly way, which reinforce relationship. Only having a respect for them is not enough, we have to show them that we care about them through empathy and understanding. We should never advice without being asked, criticize or lecture others because we do not know those people well enough to judge. In other words, disrespect is a sign of ignorance.

The best way to respect the feelings of the other people is by listening them with empathy and nonjudgmental way so that they can share their feelings comfortably. After all, we all human beings have more similarities underneath our skin colour, race and religion.

Further the truth is that everyone deserves respect. So we should treat people in a manner in which we expect to be treated. If in any case, our action is going to affect other people, we need to consider those people feelings before making a decision.

Finally, feelings are what make anyone feel worthwhile or worthless. It requires only a little bit of efforts to make anyone feel valuable. Therefore, we should learn how to respect the feelings of others to sustain relationship and have a happy life.