Forms of Sales Promotion

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To stimulate purchase, there are many sales techniques and it is still increasing with the development of new way to reach the consumers. The important sales promotions methods are:

Free Sampling

Although it is expensive but powerful tool of sales promotion used to gain consumer acceptance and to popularize the product. It is best suitable for FMCG. It gives the opportunity for consumer to test product before buying it and make their choices.


Coupons are meant to provide a price-off to consumer upon redeeming the coupon.

Trade Incentives & Allowances

Trade incentives provided to retail managers and sales people to increase loyalty on the basis of performing tasks such as displaying merchandise or selling certain lines of merchandise.


promotion which entails a reduction in the brand's regular price.

Contests and sweepstakes

Contest and sweepstakes is a form of consumer oriented promotional program in which winners receive prizes, cash, or merchandise.

Point of purchase materials

To promote impulsive buying, purchase material such as banners, signs, photos, posters etc. are displayed in-store, where the customer makes actual purchases.

Bonus packs

Extra-quantities of a product that company gives to consumers at a regular price.

Trade fairs and exhibitions

Trade fairs and exhibitions are great technique of sales promotion as they have wide appeal and an opportunity to introduce the firms and their products to the public at large.

Clearance sale

Often in festival seasons clearance sale organized to clear accumulated stocks at reduced prices.