Benefit of spiritual growth and advancement

Personal Growth

Spiritual growth means emotional growth and to be spiritually advanced is to be emotionally mature. It is an awareness about the capability of relating the outcome of actions best for oneself and for others after assessing a relationship and situations at hand with integrity.

As we grow emotionally, we learn to control our mood and state of mind. We do not let outside circumstances affect our mood and state of mind. We rise above ego, anger, lust, jealousy, affection, frustration, disappointment and negative feeling.

Spiritual advancement leads to inner purity and calmness. It also develops inner strength and detachment. When we perform anything with a calm mind, our efficiency grows to a greater extent , and results become better. Hence when the work gets accomplished well, easily and in time, we get time for everyone and everything and have not even a single complaint against time.

In short, only the spiritual growth and advancement can imbibe positive and gentle qualities, so that we can live a happy, peaceful, prosperous and contented life.