Detach from the future

Personal Growth

Dreaming or worrying about the future makes our life miserable. It puts an extra baggage of anxiety and tension on our mind. If we want to enjoy the beauty of present, we have to detach ourselves from the vision of future.

We generally keep on dreaming about the outcome of our good work and what impact it will bring in our life. By dreaming about the future, we lose our valuable present as well as our focus for the work, and in turn we make our work more difficult.

We also tend to worry about the looming hardship, which we are going to face in near future. Worrying about hardship makes it even more badly. The hardship in itself is not as much harder as we presume it. By worrying about the future, we not only make it more difficult, but we also stop enjoying the joy and pleasure of life in the present.

Finally, no matter how much we dream and worry about the future, we cannot mend it, unless we utilize our present. Future always comes in a form of the present. If we keep on dreaming and worrying about the future, we will always lose it.