Eliminate ego

Personal Growth

Ego is the sense of believing oneself to be different to the others. However, this belief is a reflection of other person opinions about you. If someone loves you, appreciate you, admire you, then you start to feel that you are good, you are worthy, you are valuable. And this is ego, the reflection of other person opinions. On the other hand, if nobody appreciates you, care about you, and then you feel sad, inferior, and worthless. This is sick ego.

Ego is a stumbling block to move on the path of spiritual growth. It does not allow you to acknowledge, understand, and accept your true nature. It constantly keeps you occupied to seek other person approvals to feed them. Other person opinions are necessary for its existence. Ego is not permanent in nature. It is always shaken. That is why; you often seek attention of others to feed it. To eliminate ego, you have to stop feeding it with other person opinions.

Hence, recognition of ego is the first step towards managing its effect on your life. Watch your ego; be aware when it comes on the surface. You can manage it by turning your attention towards the more positive side of life, and suddenly you will see your ego has gone.