Focus on the present

Personal Growth

Present is the most important moment of our life because it is happening right now. It has the potential to change our destiny if leveraged rightly. We can make the most of it by using it to our advantage.

Most people do not focus on the present. They spoil it because they are either embarrassed about the past or worried about the future. They simply do not know how to focus on the present.

However, we cannot completely stop ourselves from thinking about the past or the future. Even so, we can utilize the maximum benefit from it by right thinking because it has their own value.

Here right thinking means using our thinking to our advantage. We should spend our time for analyzing what happened in the past, learning from it, and letting it go. As for as future is concerned, we should set our goal after accessing our true potential and roadmap to realize it so that we do not while away our valuable present moment in instant gratification such as gambling, drinking, etc.

Thus, by making our thinking balanced, we can focus on the present along with the past wisdom and the future desire to get things done that in turn leads to increased enjoyment, reduced stress and better relationships.