Make ritual, worship your companion

Personal Growth

Rituals and worships are external set of actions, dictated by either religious person or society, performed mainly for peace, purity and love. It is essential for maintaining a consistent lifestyle and creating an atmosphere of love in our surrounding.

By offering prayer to God, you will not only become humble but also eliminate arrogance from your mind. So there is no harm in practicing all the rituals and worship, but the problem arises when we become over obsessed with it. Obsession with rituals and worships limits ourselves. We cannot see beyond it, and in turn we deprive from the basic purpose of prayer.

Hence, determine your own practice, form and posture of salutation of God based on background, culture, time, and interest. If you want to improve your concentration, try to use maximum time of prayer on meditation, and if you love plants, make gardening your ritual.

Always remember that God appreciates sincerity and childlike simplicity. So be sure of your sincerity and simplicity in whatever you are practicing for the adoration, salutation and glorification of God.