Reap the benefit of meditation

Personal Growth

Meditation means to turn inwards and being conscious of inner self or thoughts. It inculcates a more positive attitude towards life at large. It is good for mind as well as the body. Meditation not only makes the mind calm, relaxed and stress free but also help the heart, blood pressure and breathing.

Meditation is started as a Hindu tradition. It is not necessarily a religious practice, but because of it's spiritual elements some form of meditation is involved is all religions. However, nowadays, meditation is being used as a personal growth device.

The practice of meditation could be divided into three stages of concentration, meditation and enlightenment. To start of you have to sit at any position but keeps your back straight. And also you must be comfortable. Then close your eyes and keep your attention on your breathing or repeat mantra (phrase) over and over. Finally try to be conscious of the present moment and keep in mind that you do not have to stop your thoughts, let them come and go and just watch them. Once the concentration gets engaged with your thoughts, it turns into meditation and continuous meditation turns into enlightenment.