Overcome fear

Personal Growth

Fear is the root cause of our miseries. To remain in a fear is sin. It drains our energy and creates anxiety. It even creates a phobia. All the negative thoughts and ideas are generated by fear. In other words, we cannot enjoy the joy and pleasure of life, unless we overcome fear.

Fear is a natural reaction of our mind and body triggered by the possibility of danger, pain, hate, anger, etc., and after the danger is past, so is the fear response. However, when fear spread out in a vicious circle, it becomes a stumbling block to our progress.

According to the law of attraction, whatever we fear we attract those conditions and circumstances around us. To overcome fear, you have to recognize what kind of fear you are facing. Some common fears are fear of failure, fear of heart-attack, fear of water, fear of being lonely, fear of height, fear of public speaking, fear of rejection, fear of death, etc.

Further, the surest way to overcome fear is to face it boldly. You cannot eliminate fear by running away from it. You have to stand before those very things you fear until such time when the fear is conquered.

In conclusion, world is enjoyed by the fearless persons. So overcome your fear and enjoy the beauty of the world.