Reap the benefit of relaxation

Personal Growth

Relaxation is the key to health and well being. It increases our stamina and allows us to be more productive. It helps us to get much more work done with less effort. It is also vital for being healthy and enjoying life to the fullest.

Relaxation helps our body to repair themselves from the wear and tear occurred while performing our daily to-do list. It increases blood flow to muscles and in turn releases muscular tension. It provides rests to heart by slowing the heart rate.

Physical relaxation can be achieved by stretching our muscles and lying on a couch or bed. And mental relaxation can be achieved by focusing our attention on single object or breathing. Physical relaxation recharge our body to accomplish much more work in less time and mental relaxation lifts our mood and helps us to feel happier.

By relaxation, we have a complete control on our emotions and chose to act on any given situations to get the maximum out of it rather than reaching to make it worse.