Regulate your diet

Personal Growth

Diet is vital for life, and it has a considerable influence on your body and mind. It can make or mar your overall health. For being healthy you have to be considerate about the amount, the type, the timing and the manner of eating.

The amount of food you eat should be enough to fill two-third of your stomach. Overeating is not good for body because it leaves some part of food undigested stored in the digestive system and in turn leads to toxicity. Thus, one of the secrets of good health is to remain slightly hungry.

Vegetarian foods are more suitable for our digestive system than the non-vegetarian foods because it is easier to digest. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and freshly prepared warm meal. Above all drink, plenty of water to keep your system clean.

Along with amount and type of food one should also be considerate about the timing of food so that it gets completely digested. One should not eat before the previous meal is completely digested. Give at least four hours between a meal and have dinner two hours before going to bed.

To get the best of your food, chew it slowly and enjoy every morsel of it. Food should not be gulped down. And remember, you should not speak with food in the mouth. By concentrating on your food you can increase your energy level.