Be the master of your destiny

Personal Growth

A popular belief is that our certain major life events like birth, marriage, kids and death are pre-destined. It is based on our past actions. However, our daily event of life is entirely depended on our attitude towards it, so we can derive maximum benefit out of it, change our present situations by applying purposeful actions with a strong will power and that in turn also helps us to be the master of our future destiny.

For major life events, taking destiny into consideration is of immense value. It not only helps one to encounter suffering such as death of beloved one, a broken marriage, poverty, etc. more easily but also helps one to reduce ego while being successful in life. Yet, those people who are entirely depended on destiny, always remain a helpless puppet in hands of it. They curse their luck while they face misfortune. They simply do not accept that they have made their destiny by their own hands.

Hence, keep in mind, no matter whatever situations you are facing, always remember that you have the power within yourself by which you can change your situations and modify your future destiny. You do not need to be afraid of destiny at all and be anxious to know what it holds for you in the future. Stand up and control your destiny instead of being controlled by it.

Finally, for being a master of your destiny you need to have strong will power coupled with focused attention on defined work. Never sit idle and let the destiny dictate terms for you. So go ahead, write your own destiny and live life to the fullest.