Build self-esteem

Personal Growth


Self-esteem is to have a high regard of ourselves. It is a sum total of self-confidence and self-respect. There is a great interrelationship between self-esteem and our achievements in life. We draw a boundary around us in proportion to our self-esteem and set a limit for our achievements. By building high self-esteem, we can push back the boundary of limitations or even go beyond it to make our life much more fulfilling.

Disadvantage of low self- esteem

Peoples with low self-esteem have critical nature. They criticize others to get feelings of superiority. As they value themselves low, they are externally driven and seek validation from others for their beliefs; remain less willing to take challenges of life and blame others as well as situations for their failures in life.

Ways to build high self-esteem

As self-esteem based on your opinion about yourself, you need to challenge and change negative beliefs, which are depleting your self-esteem. To start with, identify your negative beliefs and make conscious efforts to counter them step by step by being patience and disciplined. Always try to be best but less than the perfect to keep your self-esteem high.

Further, in order to have high self-esteem, you have to feed your mind with positive thoughts continuously. Always keep your focus on the positive part of your life. Remind yourself of your unique talents and skills you have used to cope with the challenging situations. In short, if you fill up your mind with positive thoughts, it will provide the strengths you require to get you through rough patches and help you have a high self-esteem.