Conserve energy

Personal Growth

Energy is the life force, and our body continuously requires it to survive. The process of producing energy from the food we eat and oxygen we breathe is quite complex and time-consuming metabolism activity of our body. This constant process leads the body cells to decay and that in turn causes ageing. Therefore, it is better to make the optimal use of energy and conserve it for more productive work so that you can delay the process of ageing.

The conservation of energy requires prevention from wastage. You need to adopt the habit to preserve your energy. The energy mostly gets depleted through mind and sexual drive. Mind is the biggest drainer of energy. Worry, anxiety, fear and of the same are the means for mind to drain your valuable energy. So make a constant watch on the mind to prevent it from wasting energy in the unproductive activity of worry, fear and anxiety. Most importantly, try to make a distance with those people, who drain your energy by making you angry, irritated, frustrated, worried and so on.

Further, the urge of physical intimacy is a natural instinct like hunger and thrust. It has the power of creation, so it also consumes most of the energy. Just imagine a drop of semen has the energy of around 80 red blood cells and how much effort your body need to put for the generation of the same amount of energy. Most of the people just waste their energy in trying to fight physical urge or seeking constant gratification of it. The person who understands the true meaning of "what is sex?" and "what does one get out of sex?" can easily transform this energy. To transform the sexual drive is easier for those who practice Yoga. They heightened their energy level by constant practice of Yoga and drive that energy towards accomplishment of extraordinary things, which seems magical to the common person.

Hence, make a constant approach to conserve your energy, which is the most valuable thing for the survival of your life. Wastage of energy will make a heavy toll on your body by driving it to increase the process of metabolism for its own survival. By conserving energy, you can slow down the process of ageing, increases immunity, enhances mental agility and improves physical fitness.