Create your own path

Personal Growth

Having a goal in life is of immense value. It creates focus and direction. However, perpetual fixation on the goal can also create stress, which takes the joy out of living and doesn't allow one to concentrate on the present moment; the path which takes one there.

You live your life while walking on the path to realize your goal. Once you achieve one goal, you set another goal for you. Therefore, the path you create for realization of goal becomes much more important. It defines your own uniqueness. Because each of us is unique as an individual, no two people walk the same path.

Those persons, who follow the footstep of others live a mediocre life and remain dissatisfied until the very end of life. They do not have the courage to go into the dense forest of life on their own to find the way. They simply wanted to play safe and follow the well-lit path charted by someone else.

Hence, if you have the courage to go into the dark tunnel on your own, you can create your path despite presence of a stumbling block that seems to block your path. This way, you will not only have a self-fulfilling life but also exciting one. You will never have a dull moment because the foundation of your next step keeps you active and alert as if you are walking on the razor's edge.