Develop self-respect

Personal Growth

What is self-respect?

Self-respect is simply liking oneself; accepting oneself in totality. People who have self-respect, live their life with dignity and integrity. They appreciate their strengths and accept their limitations without any guilt attached to it. They are less prone to blame, shame and worry.

Benefits of self-respect

Self-respect is vital for living life to the fullest. It develops a positive attitude in life. If you keep your self-respect intact, it will help you to reach your desired goal comfortably and make you happier in life.

Tips to develop self-respect

First of all, evaluate yourself. If required, take honest opinions about yourself from others, who respect you. Then make a list of your strengths and talents and chart out ways to develop them further. As for as limitations are concerned, change whatever you can like overweight, lack of self-confidence, etc. and accept those limitations which you cannot change like height, physical deformity, etc.

Finally, self-respect is measured on the yardstick of character. If someone turns you down, you should never bend your character and start requesting or begging them for help. Hence, you should be ready to face the trials and tribulations of life with dignity. Always keep in mind, if you keep your self-respect high, people will perceive you in that way.