Explore your mind to discover real-self

Personal Growth

The faculty of a person that enables them to be conscious and aware of themselves, and others is known as mind. The possession of mind is a sign of living being. Non-living things like stones, chairs, etc., cannot be conscious and aware of themselves.

Mind is a non-physical, self-energized, immortal subtle form of matter, which resides in the brain, midway between the eyebrows. It connects itself with the body through the link of brain and controls all the activities of body. It follows the law of cause and effect. Any change in the state of mind can affect the body and vice versa.

There are three levels of mind: conscious mind, subconscious mind and super conscious mind. Firstly, the level of mind which thinks, desires, imagines, worries, reasons, analyses, discriminates, feels good and bad is known as conscious mind. Secondly, the storehouse of all ever seen, heard, feel, talked, done in the memory is known as subconscious mind. It is the deeper level of mind, and it also induces the conscious mind to behave in the certain way in sync with the memory. Finally, the highest and deepest level of mind is super-conscious mind. It is a real self, devoid of all the impurities.

To conclude, if you want to discover your real self, you need to eliminate all the impurities like anger, bias, hate, stored in subconscious mind, which acts as a barrier to reach at the deeper level of super conscious mind to discover your real self.