Find your life purpose

Personal Growth

The ultimate purpose of life is to become evolved being. As human being, we are all different to each other and unique in ourselves. Therefore, we all have a different purpose in sync with our true potential. However, to recognize our life purpose and give all it need to blossom is a common process we all share with each other.

Generally, our purpose of life stays dormant under the cloud of transitory liking, for example, having expensive car, physical intimacy, etc., which provides temporary pleasure and comforts. We often remain occupied to fulfil our liking because it is temporary in nature and keeps on changing at every stage of our life.

Finding life purpose requires, clear understanding of one's motivations, moral values, and how one want to be connected with the larger thread of life. To make your life meaningful and remain happy forever, you need to penetrate the cloud of liking and find your life purpose.

Further, you have to be consciously aware of what you like to do and ask with yourself if your passion and purpose remain the same or are they changing with each passing time. Keep on following this process with patience and disciplines until you find your life purpose. Obviously, you cannot find it overnight. It takes time and evolves as you keep asking yourself through each stage in your life.

Finally, once you find your life purpose, you rediscover yourself to be a good person, your search ends and live in harmony with your life.