Increase emotional intelligence

Personal Growth

Many people often ask, "What is emotional intelligence (e. q.)?" The simple answer is: Ability to put our emotions to work for us in a productive way and make our personality attractive by bringing happiness and pleasure in our life.

Our each and every action is controlled by emotions. Emotional intelligence requires, ability to identify, asses, control and management of emotions and that in turn help us build strong relationship and achieve our desired goal. Everyone wants to have a company of emotionally intelligent people because they make them feel good by understanding their feelings.

To increase emotional intelligence, first you need to take responsibility of your feelings rather than blaming the adverse situations and comments of other people. If you feel upset, level it as your own emotions, do not try to shift responsibility to adverse situations or bad comment of other people for making you feel upset. Always remember, you can not manage your emotions unless you take responsibility for that.

After this, you should learn how to use your feelings to make your decisions. Examine your feelings and how your emotionally charged action will affect you and those who are around you. Before taking actions ask yourself, how you will feel and others will feel if you do this?

Finally, you should practice getting value from your emotions by turning it into energy and using it to take productive actions, which helps you and those who are around you feel good. Caring about feelings of other people will make the atmosphere around you lively.