Live longer

Personal Growth

Everybody wants to live long and remain physically healthy throughout the life to make the most of it. However, along with wrong diet and germs, hectic schedule of the modern worlds is taking a heavy toll on the human body. The body is not only prone to physical conditions but also mental conditions, such as fear, worry, depression and pessimism. Therefore, it is imperative for living long to be strong in both mind and body.

There are very distinguished interrelations between the mind and the body. What affects the one affects the others. You cannot remain angry without affecting your body. The moment you become angry, your face flush; eyes widen; muscles tighten, and the nerves squeeze. The illness caused by mental pressure is slow in nature, but it is as fatal and vivid as brought by wrong diets and germs.

The right way to deal with fear and anxiety is to remain an optimist forever. Have faith in yourself as well as in life. Do not anticipate the negative outcome in future and start worrying about it. Always remember, no one gets that much of trouble in life which they cannot bear. So the actual problem will be less troublesome than your anticipated one. And moreover, if you make the best use of present with positive frame of mind, you can always have the opportunity to rectify the outcome.

Adopt a healthy way of living while dealing with tight schedule, deadlines and daily commute. Use your own commonsense to choose the food from available options at any particular moment. Take maximum quantity of raw foods, such as fruits and salads, then prefer less quantity of boiled one and after that eat minimum of fried foods. Avoid too hot or cold drinks. And finally as water constitutes 70% of our body, so drink plenty of water.

Finally, keep in mind, life is full of opportunity, and it is best enjoyed by a healthy person. Planning for future is a healthy approach because it gives the direction to life but worrying over the future is unhealthy, and you must avoid it as soon as it occurred. Take the precaution to save yourself from life-threatening diseases. And maintain cleanliness to guard yourself from bacteria and germs.