Maintain good posture

Personal Growth

To maintain good posture is to align head, neck and spine while standing or sitting. Posture is a part of body language, a non-verbal communication. It conveys the message about the attitude of a person, their physical well-being and the state of their mind.

By some effort and perseverance, you can maintain good posture. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and flat on the floor while sitting or standing. Keep the head up and eyes looking straight ahead. Avoid pushing the head forward. Keep head properly aligned with the neck and spine. Regular exercise, muscles stretching and yoga will help you to maintain good posture.

Good posture plays a greater role in life. It helps to keep your body and mind active, bold and confident. It not only promotes the efficiency of the muscles, joints and bones but also encourages confidence and morale. Usually headaches, neck pain, back pain and digestive disorder vanish when one learn to maintain good posture.

Bad posture, having unusual tilts and curvatures, disturb the alignment of the body. It allows the spine to form abnormal positions like stooping, loose and slumping postures. This not only makes the body prone to pain, stress, aches and injury but also causes numbness, muscles spasms and disk degeneration. This also decreases the confidence of mind by making it dull and lazy.

To conclude, there is a great interrelationship between the mind and the body. Therefore, maintaining good posture will help to keep your body and mind healthy and active and that in turn lead you to remain confident forever.