Slow down the speed of your mind

Personal Growth

The basic nature of mind is that it moves from one thought to another very fast. According to ancient saints, mind is considered fastest in the world. It even travels faster than the light, which travel at the speed of 3,00,000 kilometer per second. In a split of second, the mind can reach anywhere in the world. However, mind could be best utilized by focusing it on one thought for a certain period of time.

Slowing down the speed of mind could produce the umpteen number of benefits in your life. The number of thoughts moving across your mind per unit of time indicate your speed of mind or velocity of mind. By reducing the number of thoughts, you can slow down the velocity of mind. Once your mind slows down at the level on which it keeps one thought at a time, your understanding becomes better, faster and clearer.

High velocity of mind is a sign of untrained mind, which shows restlessness or lack of inner peace. Negative emotions such as anger, frustration, jealousy, fear, etc. also speeds up the velocity of mind many times. An untrained mind jumps quickly from one thought to another. Hence, to make your mind useful, you need to train it first. You cannot imagine the power of mind when it is trained. Whatever sophisticated gadget you use is because someone has thoughts of it by their properly guided and disciplined mind.

To slow down the speed of mind, you need to guide and discipline it through the practice of detachment and concentration. Generally, mind of many people is occupied by the tremendous rush of thoughts coming from the past and future. They develop a habit of anticipation, worrying and remain tensed all the time. They cannot keep one thought for a certain period of time or keep their mind still for a moment. Hence you need to watch every thought coming into the mind carefully and eliminate those who are coming from past and future. Focus on the present moment, in whatever activity you are engaged in. Along with detachment with past and future worry, practice of meditation will also help you to slow down the speed of mind.