Avoid aggressiveness

Personal Growth

In the course of life, we are bound to encounter the conflicting situations with others on the regular basis. It comes in everybody's life because no one can remain isolated for too long. In fact, nobody goes through the life without having to face differences with other people. The conflicting situations test the level of maturity of person and have a great impact on their future relationships. So do not forget basic human nature of love, patience, compassion while dealing with conflicting situations and avoid aggressive behaviors all together no matter what someone does to you.

Aggression simply means a behavior that is harmful to others. By its very nature, it reduces the trust and faith in relationships and brand a person as a bully. Most of the time aggression stems from the anger which makes the persons lose control of themselves and see the situations only from their point of view. As a result, it leads the persons to do long-term damage to their relationship just to pacify their momentarily being upset. If you make an aggressive attempt once, it does not stop there. It attracts retaliations and pave the way for many hostile situations. In fact, your aggressive behavior makes you tensed, worried for ever and hurt your self-esteem a lot.

Hence, it is worth avoiding the aggressive behavior from the beginning itself. The moment any conflicting situations arise, always make a conscious effort to look inside you. Find out what you lack and what kind of frustration you have, which make to argue and bully someone. The conflict is within yourself. It is not the person who is driving you to behave in an aggressive way. No one can make you behave in a certain way unless you allow them. If you look inside, you will find that the upsurge of aggressive behavior is a result of your won low self-esteem. That is why you need to increase your worth in your own eye and keep the frustration away from you. Always keep in mind, you should leave your aggressiveness at the bay because it only collects the regrets in life for you. So you should resolve the differences with others in a positive way while maintaining your poise, which is a real source of happiness and make your life worthwhile to live.