Cleanse your heart

Personal Growth

Life is neither good nor evil in itself. It appears according to the state of our heart, which is our subconscious mind. If the heart is filled with all sorts of negative emotional garbage, then it loses the capacity to turn our desire into reality. That is why if you want to live a fulfilling life, then you need to cleanse your heart.

In any given situations, your heart acts on the basis of thoughts it contains. It does not generate new thoughts of its own. For making any actions or habits it depends on the conscious mind. It accepts all the information and knowledge which you consciously feed with, be it negative or positive. Based on the dominance of positive or negative thoughts, your heart either work for you or against you.

Hence as your consciousness regulates the functions of your heart, so for making life exciting and entertaining, you need to keep a watch on your conscious mind to cleanse your heart. Do not allow any negative emotions to stay for long in your conscious mind otherwise it will enter your heart and pollute your thoughts. Always try to focus your attention on the positive side of life and discard the negative emotions as soon as it arises.

Further, once you are able to stop any fresh negative emotions to enter your heart, then you should try to weed out already existing unhealthy emotions. The effect of negative emotions will start fading the moment you consciously try to dedicate your attention to the more positive aspects of life. For grater benefits, you should try to discard negative emotions such as lust, anger, greed, desire and ego one by one.

Finally, to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, cleaning of heart is very essential. Suppose you want to achieve something in your life but at the same time in the corner of your heart you start to doubt your own capabilities, then you will make your work double, triple harder and that in turn lead you to satisfy with marginal success in life. So be realistic but do not cultivate negative emotions to live a mediocre life. Cleanse your heart and live in a world of a dream fulfilled.