Count your blessings

Personal Growth

Life is a mirror image of dominant thoughts. And the kind of thought which occupied your mind for the maximum period of time shapes your life accordingly. If you keep your focus on all that is wrong, you attract more of such things. But if you count your blessings, you will not only invite good things into your life but also multiply your joy of life.

Everyone complains at one point or another. But for some people, complaining is a way of life, their bag is full of complaints; wherever they are, whatever they are doing, they keep on complaining! Luck is unfavorable; weather is too hot or too cold; traffic is bad; market is crowded; Internet speed is too slow and of the same.

Those people who have the habit of complaining do not take responsibility for their lives. They come up with all sorts of excuses for their failure in life. They waste their valuable energy just for the finding faults in everything and live a mediocre life without realizing any meaningful success in life.

The wonderful law of life: focus on problems and they will multiply; count your blessings and your life happiness will increase manifold.

Hence no matter in whatever situation you are and how much problems you are facing at any given moment try to remain into the positive frame of mind instead of being focused on problems. Counting your blessings will lead you to have the positive approach in difficult times and that in turn help you to sort out problems earlier and smoothly.