Create your life

Personal Growth

Life is a process of creation. It is here right now, in the present moment. In fact, no one goes backward or forward and lives into the past or future. Past is gone, and future is unpredictable and thinking about them only ruin the present moment and life as well. Therefore, if you want to enjoy life, you need to create it by living consciously in the present moment.

Further, if you closely see the life, you would find out that you preserve life in form of feelings experienced throughout the series of events. The moment you are done with one event, another one crop up. Sometimes you tackle two three events simultaneously, which has different time-span and value in your life.

There is no doubt that you do not have control over some events of life, which are specific to your backgrounds, surroundings or environments, and you do not have another choice but to face them. However, with each passing event, you get an opportunity to tilt it a little in favor of your interest so that over the period of time, you would be able to create your life, which you love to live.

To make your life interesting to live, first you need to see yourself as a creator of your life. Figure out what you love to be in life and mend your course of actions in favor of it. Always keep in mind, you can either collect regrets by living life as it comes or take initiatives to create it as you wish, but you cannot have both at the same time.

Hence, the secret of a happy life is taking responsibility to create it. Dare to go out of your comfort zone and face the present with confidence to create life as you want to be without having any kind of regret about past and fear for future. Once you have determined to realize your goal, do not lose your focus in the trial and tribulations of life. You have every right to feel the satisfaction of creating your own life.