Develop compassion

Personal Growth

The purpose of spirituality is to make a person evolve as a human being and help them to lead a happy life. Everyone wants happiness right from the moment of birth. They all spend considerable amount of their lives in search of happiness. However, the secret of happiness lies in the core of spirituality; being compassionate about others. So, for true happiness, you need to develop compassion in your life.

Compassion is an essence of spiritual life. In the broader sense, it is the awareness of deep bond between all the living beings. When you bring relief to the suffering of others, your body exerts feel good hormones, which make you happy and also help you to lead a healthy and long life.

Compassion implies kindness for all living beings. It is a fragrance of humanity. When compassion comes out of you, it goes on spreading itself. Compassion is not an external quality, which you can learn from outside world. It lies inside you in a dormant stage. You have to go inside you and awaken it to let it spread it's kindness for others.

To develop compassion you need to realize the mortality of living being first. Once you realize the mortality of living being, you will understand the futilities of things, which give you the short-term pleasure. You will realize the ugly part of being jealous, rude to others. Further, to strengthen your compassion, you should practice meditation, which helps you to keep your mind calm and make you to feel the deep bond with all the creatures.

Hence, to have a happy and meaningful life, you should practice compassion daily which over the period of time helps you to realize truly great things in life. By practicing compassion, you will evolve yourself to be tolerant and forgiving. It helps you to unburden your mind with all types of grudges. Forgiveness in itself is an act of compassion. So, be compassionate towards all the living being to make your journey of life worthwhile.