Find happiness in every moment

Personal Growth

Happiness is attitudinal. It is not a distanced dream. It lies all along with you in every little thing: nice weather, tasty meal, melodious music, care of family member, child smile and of the same kind of things. Hence find happiness in every moment throughout the journey of life.

Often, people impose a condition on themselves to be happy only if certain desires are realized. They choose to delay their happiness in a hope of better tomorrow, which is not guaranteed. They do not try to remain happy simultaneously while moving forward to the realization of goal.

The so-called approach to delay the happiness for certain fixed goal is not good for people and even to their desired goals. They remain tensed all the time and delaying happiness creates an extra burden of pressure on themselves and decreased their productivity.

Hence do not make a condition for happiness and wait for the great occasions to celebrate and be happy. Find happiness in every little thing and in every moment which life offers to you. Because there is no guarantee that you will be happy even if your conditioned goal for happiness is realized.

Always keep in mind, happiness is not conditional and biased. The ultimate share of happiness for everyone is the same, only the source to derive happiness is different. So, open up your heart and make attitude to stay happy throughout the life.