Reduce misery

Personal Growth

Life is full of misery and if people are able to resolve one problem, another crop up in no time. Then they channel their entire energy to tackle the new problem. And this chain of actions continues throughout their live because every time they resolve one problem another comes out on the surface. They do not get enough time to enjoy their lives and make it big. So, if you want to live a fulfilling life, you need to reduce misery first; break free from the continuous chain of the problem-solving process.

To reduce misery, you need to tackle the root cause of problems, which is mind. An uncontrolled mind wanders here and there and will always multiply the problem either by self-pity, worry or shifting the blame for suffering on others. While a controlled mind tries to solve the problem as soon as possible so that it can focus on long-term goal of life, which can make the life of a person worthwhile.

Further, your mind acts unconsciously based on thought it contained. If you keep your focus on the miseries of life, it will go deep inside your mind and influences your thought and actions. But if you keep your focus on positive aspects of life and your long-term goal, then you no longer visualize the problem of life as a misery, and you resolve it easily.

Hence, to reduce misery, you always need to have a goal to look forward to and keep your focus on positive aspects of life. It will not only keep you away from dedicating your entire attention on day-to-day life problems but also help you to grow and that in turn make your problem appear small enough to tackle them easily. Always keep in mind; there is no problem bigger than the capacity of your mind. If your mind is disciplined, you can resolve any problem which you have to face. So, keep your attention on positive aspects of life and always have a goal in front of you to reduce miseries of life.