Share your joy

Personal Growth

Life is a series of the umpteen number of experiences; both the positive ones and the negative ones takes place throughout the life. There is nothing wrong with the experiences in itself. The problem only starts when the negative experiences get advertised very fast, and positive ones even hesitated to be shared.

The general tendency of the mind is that it gives more value to the problems and promotes them at the highest. It is trained to be biased. It allows the problems to take over the joy of life and make a person miserable. It takes just one hard word from someone or one piece of bad news to spoil the whole positive experiences of the day.

However, the good thing is that you can retrained your mind to keep its focus on positive experiences of life. Often the percentage of joy is much more than the sorrow. If you closely analyze, had not it been a great day you wake up early in the morning and see the Sun rising, have a healthy conversation with a friend and someone wished you a good day.

Always keep in mind, the only way out to take the full advantage of joy is that it has to be shared. It not only increases the joy of the person but also have a profound effect on other persons with whom you share the joy. Therefore, share your joy with your loved ones. By sharing you will keep the vibration of positive emotions around you and double the joy of life.

To sum up, sharing of positive experiences is the surest way to multiply the joy of life and strengthen the relationship with near and dear ones. Take the full advantage of joy, share it with your near and dear ones to spread positive vibrations around you.