The key to happiness

Personal Growth

The key to happiness lies in the attitude with which you react to the situations of life. Happiness is a state of mind and come from the courage which is a byproduct of purity, clarity and contentment of mind. That is why if you want to be happy, you need to seek it inside you.

The purity of mind helps you to maintain calm composure in the face of problems. The mind which is filled with impurities such as jealously, hatred, anger, does very little efforts to resolve the troubles and give up easily. The impurities of mind waste much of the energy needed to solve the problems. But when your mind is calm then even the severe troubles of live will not shake you. While being encountered with problems, you realize that this will go just like the past problems, which was seemed impossible to handle at that moment, but you successfully handled it and after that you face the present situations courageously.

The ability to maintain clarity between thoughts and actions are also very much important to happiness. Suppose, if you want to be a singer in life but due to uncertainty of profession and peer pressure, you choose a career in some other field, then your chance to remain happy is very negligible. There is no doubt that you have to take care of your daily needs first. However, for the sake of happiness, you should do all the things as per the demand of life while staying focused on your core longings and following them whenever there is right environment arises.

Further, having a defined goal gives direction to life. However, you need to be contended with your present situations while following your dream. You live your life in present time, and how much you are enjoying it matter the most because your future cannot be better if you are not celebrating the moment right now. Do not collect frustrations in your present life by competing or comparing yourselves with others. Strive for better lives while being happy with your present situations.

Hence the fountain of happiness lies within yourselves. The sooner you realize it, the better it would be for being happy in life. You should make a conscious effort to make your mind pure, clear and contended. Once you are truly happy with your life, it will make your life happier by rewarding yourselves with better health, improved mental qualities, increases work efficiency and that in turn bestowed you to have good work and personal relationships.