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Practicing safe web browsing is an ongoing process to secure devices, software and connection. The cyber criminals work constantly to develop malicious programs to hijack the system. The unwanted programs like adware, malware, viruses and Trojans spread in no time the moment you click on the link or pop-up found on the website pages.

That is why, to protect the system, you need to be aware that there are potential risks involved while sharing personal sensitive information as well as accessing websites online, and ensure safety of the system. Always make sure to stay ahead to hijacker to protect the system, software, and connections in order to save yourself from unwanted dilemmas.

The commonly known problems that arise while being online and the kind of practice you need to apply for safe web browsing are stated here; you would find it useful to secure your devices, software, and connection:


Adware is software that designed to automatically display or download advertising material on the computer. Adware is mean to collect surfing data minus consent from the users and send it to adware programmers which will automatically display ad according to surfing history/cookies.

Normally, the adware does not make their presence felt other than collecting data from the system and displaying advertisements. To get rid of adware there are many freeware and shareware programs available, user need to register and get them installed in their system.


Malware is malicious software that is damaging to the system. Malware is created by blackmailers and other criminals to steal encrypt, delete sensitive data and hijack of computer functions without permission.

The most effective way to protect the system from malware is to prevent them from accessing the system through antivirus, firewall, and other safety tools.


A computer virus is a code or program that requires an active host program to run, replicates, and damage other documents. Viruses are designed in such a way that it spread from one computer to another through external devices or attached file in the mail box. Computer virus alters the way system operates and easily infects other systems on the same network.

The most effective way to prevent the system from viruses is to scan all new files and disks, use a secure browser (https), never click on fake download buttons, and not to open doubtful email attachment forwarded to you, etc.


Trojans is a malicious program that seems harmless but brings unexpected changes to computer settings and unusual activity, even when the system is idle. Cyber-criminals use Trojans to gain backdoor access to a computer, spy on you, steal your personal/sensitive date, and delete/block/modify/copy your data.

In order to get rid from being infected by a Trojan, the antivirus software need to be up to date in device and you should never click on links or download files from untrusted sources.

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