Break Free from Attachment

Personal Growth

The attachment is a baggage of our preserved illusion that someone or something belongs to us. We carry that baggage throughout our lives because of our deep identification with that person or things. In case of unavailability of that person or things, we feel incomplete because some portion of our emotional energy always remains away from us to bring that person or thing in our possession. The attachment brings the sense of insecurity within us, and we experience fear in proportion to our attachment. The more the attachment, the greater fear we experience. Hence, to eliminate the fear of losing someone or something, we need to break free from the attachment.

Further, the biggest illusion of attachment is that we think that we possessed that person or thing and identify ourselves with that object. But in reality we owned by that particular object. To put it simply, as everything in this world is energy so is our emotions. When we identify someone or something with ourselves, we lost some of the vital energy in a process to bring that person or thing near to us. Due to loss of energy, we feel incomplete in the absence of that particular object. So, we are possessed by that person or thing in a sense that we are short without them, and our identity is at stake throughout the life.

The drawback of attachment is that it does not allow us to enjoy the life in totality. It makes us partial in life. Our decision related to someone or something with whom we are attached gets corrupted. The thought of losing particular object filled our minds with fear. That is why we cannot take the decisions with clarity. Moreover, attachment makes our happiness depend on external factors. Hence, to be impartial, happy and to enjoy the life in totality, we must break free from the attachment.

To break free from attachment, we need to vanish the sense of ownership. The biggest irony of life is that we know that nothing is permanent, but we want everything to remain with us permanently. So we become attached to someone or something. That is why; we need to remind ourselves regularly that our association with someone or something is temporary, not permanent, to break free from the attachment. The moment we realize and accept the fact that our association is temporary, we will respect that as long as it exists and gets the maximum out of it. Most importantly, when that association breaks, we do not have any kind of regret, sadness or a sense of loss. In other words, when we realize that our association with someone or something has a tag of expiry date with it, we will break free from the attachment.