Empty Your Mind

Personal Growth

The mind is a web of thoughts and if left unchecked, it will be full of mental chatter; a constant flow of ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions. An untrained mind is always preoccupied with overflowing thoughts that there is hardly any space left for creativity and appreciating the beauty of life. That is why, to enjoy the life and make it worthwhile, you need to empty your mind with unwanted mental baggage, which does not have significance in present moment.

Further, by its very nature, mind cannot remain empty altogether. Even the thought of making it empty, occupy the very precious part of mind. So, to empty your mind means dropping that excess baggage of mental chatter from your mind, which is no longer beneficial for you. Once you drop the mental chatter such as worry, regret, fear, hate, preconceived ideas and of the same then your mind becomes receptive to new ideas and will be able to concentrate on the good part of life.

Mind has a tendency to preserve memories of negative emotions and recall it often. Over a period of time, generally most of the people have the share of negative feelings more than the positive ones. However, the only purpose of negative experience is to teach you a lesson so that you do not repeat the same mistakes time and again. That is why, you need to empty your mind with negative emotions once their purpose is fulfilled otherwise you do not have enough space in your mind for new ideas and creativity.

The best way to empty your mind is to be conscious about what is going on in your mind. Do not try to stop the thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions from flowing. Let them come and go on their own. You just need to watch it silently. Once you start to be conscious about what is going on in your mind, the flow of unwanted mental chatter starts to decrease automatically because their irrelevance with the present moment. Then you will be able to concentrate on other things, which are valuable in your life and all the garbage of mental chatter fades away one by one.

To conclude, mind is a very powerful part of human being. It is the creator of your destiny. So empty your mind with all sorts of ill-thoughts to make it healthy and bright and keep a conscious watch on what is going inside it so that the garbage of negativity does not occupy the better part of your mind. Live in the present moment to keep the regret of past and worry of future at bay. Meditation and smile will help you to keep your mood upbeat and also work as a catalyst to increase the process of emptying your mind smoothly and early. In a nutshell, keep your mind empty with all sort negativity to focus on good things in life and let your mind create a beautiful world to live for you.