Get over the past hurt quickly

Personal Growth

Life is uncertain; no one can exactly predict what is going to happen in the future. Any time it can come to an end. Even during life, you get stuck in the past experiences, especially the one which hurts you, and ruins your present as well as your life. However, your attitude towards life can make it as a celebration when you learn lessons from the past and feel empowered to enjoy the present.

During life, everyone gets hurts in different forms and degree. Generally, people deeply felt hurt due to failure, humiliations, dumped by loved ones or death of near and dear ones. For the certain period of time, it is normal to feel hurt, but problems start when the person is not able to move forward and get stuck in the past.

As a common perception, time is considered as a great healer. But the biggest irony is that time does not do anything to heal a person. In-fact, with time the feeling related to past hurt goes into the backgrounds, and new experiences occupied the mind. However, the healing through passing of time varies from person to person ranging from few months to few years. Sometimes, people do not get over the hurt in their entire lifetime. So to get over the past it is not wise to depend on time alone.

To get over the past hurt, you need to take responsibility for your attitude towards it. No matter whatever has happened with you, the responsibilities to settle things lies with you. Keep yourself engaged in fruitful work and do not allow your mind to repent the loss over and over again. By keeping your focus entirely on meaningful works, you can make your life better and heal the past hurt quickly. If your mind has nothing to look forward to, then it is very natural of it to go in past and repent. So the trick lies in keeping your mind engaged in fixed work and have a goal to look forward to in the future so that it settles down the past hurt fast.

Finally, do not allow your past to control your present and future. The only use of past to enrich you and help you to shape your world in a constructive way. Always keep in mind, you can not keep your focus on both, past as well as the present at the same time. It depends on yours choice, whether you want to keep your focus on past hurt and make yourself vulnerable or focus on present and what it has to offer to enjoy life. Your past can control only to the level you allow them. It is up to you to decide how much you want to carry the past hurt. So take control of yours life, get over the past hurt quickly to make your life worthwhile to live.