Live with Gratitude

Personal Growth

Gratitude is a simple gesture, but it is the most powerful virtues of the human being. It paves the way to move forward confidently in life, when there seems no hope. It increases the level of happiness and creates a favourable atmosphere in the surrounding of the person who practices gratitude. So whenever going gets tough, and you are worried over the future, starts practicing gratitude. It will help you to see the silver lining between the clouds of problems, and everything turns out to be good at the end.

Generally, most of the people complain about negative part of life. They fail to recognize the positive aspects of things, which they are complaining about. Suppose if you have to pay income tax, EMI of house loan, tuition fee for children along with regular household expenses. Then you can either take it as a burden and complain about it, or you can look at the positive aspects of it and tackle them boldly to enjoy the fulfilling life.

The positive aspects of situation could be; you have to pay the income tax because you are fortunate to have a job. EMI for home loans is a prove that you have the roof over your head. Your responsibility to pay the tuition fee for children education along with regular expenses shows that you have loving and caring family with you. Is that positive aspect of situations is not enough to be grateful in life? If yes, show your gratitude and if not, then look for some more positive aspects of situation until you feel gratitude about it.

Further, every experience, whether it is positive or negative, contributes to the advancement of your life. At whatever position you are in the life it is because of the lessons learnt from the negative experiences, and the opportunities utilized from the positive ones. So you should be grateful to both types of experiences. Even in the ups and downs of life, you get the morale boosting from some people and criticism from others, but both types of persons make a difference in your life and earn the privilege for your gratitude.

Finally, do not take anything grated in life. Be grateful about all your blessings. If you lack something , look at the positive aspects of it, maybe it gives an opportunity to look forward to in life. To fill your life with love, health and prosperity, make gratitude your way of life. In broader sense, gratitude is the most powerful virtues you can have to turn the tide in your favour.