Overcome Anxiety

Personal Growth

Anxiety is self-generated negative feelings that something bad is going to happen in the future. Although you remain anxious about future but most of the time your emotional anxiety comes from the past failures when you were not prepared to handle the challenges of life. Anxiety drains your energy both physical as well as mental and makes you feel exhausted. Living with anxiety simply means ruining your most valuable part of life, which is your present moment. So to enjoy life you need to overcome anxiety as early as possible.

Set Expectations Wisely

Often, your high expectations become the root cause of your anxiety. Even a glimmer of doubt over your expectations can make you vulnerable to anxiety. There is no harm in setting up your own personal expectations but the problems start when you set high expectations, which have little chance to get fulfilled. And this makes you to remain anxious all the time. That is why set your personal expectations but do not set to high. To keep anxiety at bay, you also need to make sure that you do not get emotionally involved with your expectations otherwise it will make the situations even worse.

Face the Challenges of Life Boldly

Life is full of uncertain events. Your anxiety cannot turn the situations in your favour. In other words, life is a mixture of pleasures and pain. It is certain that everything in the future is not going to happen as you want. In fact, no one gets exactly the same things as they want. So to overcome anxiety you need to develop a habit of facing the challenges of life boldly whenever it arises.

The above advice is for the person having mild anxiety. If it is not working for you, you need to consult doctor for specialized treatment to overcome anxiety.

To conclude, in this competitive world, a result is the main criteria to judge the credentials of a person but no one has the control over the outcome of their actions. You can increase the probability by your planned actions but not being anxious about it. The one thing you have complete control over is the action you take, and you can take the full advantage of it by being in the present moment. If you are anxious about the future, you cannot take the appropriate actions for immediate present situations and devote your attention to it completely. So it is utmost essential to overcome your anxiety to make your life happy and fruitful. To overcome anxiety, remain in the present moment, do not set high expectation and face the challenges of life boldly and with positive attitude.