Overcome Greed

Personal Growth

Greed is the excessive desire to accumulate more and more without considering the need for others. There is no harm in having a desire to achieve something because it makes the person creative, encourage them to go beyond their comfort zone and work hard to realize their goal. The problem is with the excessive desire to accumulate objects, money, which is abnormal and leads to cheating, corruption, deception, manipulations to satisfy the excessive desires. Therefore you should overcome greed to keep many negative traits at bay and have peace of mind.

Further, greed does not have limitations. No matter how much you get; satisfaction will always be a distant dream for you because still many things remained to be possessed. Once you obtain one thing you desire for another and so on. Ultimately, you remain the victim of your excessive desire throughout the life without enjoying the benefits of acquired things.

Although we all have positives as well as negatives traits but the type of emotions, which dominates our thoughts shapes our personality accordingly. The people who are insecure about their future due to their inferiority complex are prone to greed. They waste their entire life by accumulating external objects at the cost of their relationships and ethical standard in a futile attempt to cover their insecurities. They do not realize that all the external objects are for the persons not the vice versa. No matter whatever they accumulate; it cannot guarantee a secure future. At any time, a natural calamity can destroy all their accumulated external objects.

Hence greed is not an external problem. It is very much internal. As the root cause of greed is insecurities, so to overcome greed, you need to handle your insecurities. By changing your attitude towards insecurities you can overcome it and greed as well. Always keep in mind, no matter whatever your positions are; you cannot remove the insecurities of life altogether. Insecurities are part and parcel of life. You have to face it whenever it arises. There is no other way out.

So you need to prepare yourself internally to face the challenges of life head-on. Make every possible effort to increase your self-esteem and your level of confidence. If you want to hone your skills and expertise to overcome your inferiority complex, then go for it rather than try to hide it by the glitter of accumulated objects. Accumulating external objects by putting your morale down will not only decrease your self-esteem but also ruin your relationships. Therefore, do some reasonable planning for future but do not become crazy about it. Have faith in yourself to rise beyond the grasp of greed and face the challenges of life confidently without compromising your moral standards.