Overcome Grief

Personal Growth

One of the toughest phases of life is to go through grief. When you lose someone, you cannot imagine living without; your heart will be broken. In fact, for most of the people, it is heart-wrenching to deal with the loss of loved one. However, everyone sooner or later overcome their grief and move on with life.

Further, everyone takes time in accepting their pain. As grief dominates the mind and emotions, people go through several stages of sock, denial, anger, self-pity before they accept reality as it is. The timeline for accepting the reality varies from person to person, and so their grievances process. No two person experiences the grief in a same way. But to overcome grief, everyone needs to stop holding their grief and confront their pain.

Stop Holding the Grief

You cannot overcome grief unless you stop holding it. People generally hold their grief through self-pity and focusing on answered questions about disfavor. If your attachment is deep due to your dependency on that person for love, social security, financial support, and then you feel to lose your part of self, and that is the source of self-pity. You start questioning: "Why this happens to you? What was your fault? Why God is merciless and of the same?" But you do not get any scientifically proven answers which you buy. So stop holding your grief in any form to overcome it.

Confront Your Pain

In life, whatever happens, happens for the reason and sometimes to experience the real joy, we have to face heartaches. So do not run away from the lessons that you have to learn from the loss of loves one because it gives you much-needed strength to continue with your life journey. Do not isolate yourself from others because of your fear to lose them sooner or later. The reality of life is that people will be always with you, but no one can guarantee to stay with you throughout life from birth to death. So accept the reality of life boldly to confront your pain.

Finally, life is a journey; people will come and go into your life but the lessons you learn and experience you gained from them will stay with your forever. The appropriate way to handle the loss of loved one is to keep the experiences gained from them by your side and move on to excel in life so that whenever their memories come in mind you can proudly thank them for your enrichment in life. Grief is a passing phase; do not lose hope in life. Let others come in your life to overcome grief soon and continue with your journey.