Overcome Guilt

Personal Growth

Guilt is an emotional hangover and is a form of self-defeatism. Although, having the guilt feeling is normal human emotions up to a certain level. It becomes abnormal only if it makes you feel stuck and rob you of your peace of mind. Therefore, to move on happily to enjoy present, you need to overcome guilt. The way to overcome guilt is through forgiveness and acceptance.

Feeling guilty about past mistakes is not a solution. It only makes the situations worse. The fact is that, you cannot go in the past and amend your mistakes. So there is no point to hate and hurt yourself through guilt for the things on which you have no control now. Your guilt feeling is in itself a sign of strong moral and ethical standard. Is not it enough to have a sense of self-respect and forgive yourself that you cared sensibly so that you even feel guilty about your mistakes?

Forgiving oneself is essential for self-acceptance. Always keep in mind, as a human being we are all bound to make mistakes. It is part of learning and growing in life. In fact, everyone makes mistakes in their lives because no one is perfect. So you are not supposed to act and behave rightly all the time. Whenever, you do something it can turn out to be good or bad because you do not have control over the outcome. Therefore, to move on, you need to forgive yourself assuming that in given situations, you acted best according to you knowledge and intuition and accept yourself along with your shortcoming.

Self forgiveness does not mean that you give up your moral and ethical standard and justify your actions and do not care to learn the lessons from your mistakes. Accepting your mistakes and feeling remorse is a part of healing process. It helps you to learn the lessons so that you do not repeat the same mistakes again. However, you must make sure that your guilt does not become a permanent burden on yourself, and you carry it throughout your life.

Finally, always keep in mind that growth is life. Where there is growth, there is life. Being stuck at any point due to guilt cannot be categories as living well because it hampers the growth. So, whenever you feel guilt, try to learn the lessons and move on with life. Dwelling on the past mistakes only torture you. Whereas moving on with life and keeping yourself engaged in good work will not only help you overcome guilt but also keep your mind upbeat. So accept yourself along with your shortcoming and forgive yourself to overcome guilt so that you can face the future with great enthusiasm.