Stop Worrying, Start Living

Personal Growth

Life is where there is no worry. Living is all about being in the present moment while worry is a product of the future. Worry is a burden on today; which kills the joy of now. When you worry, then your worry start multiplying and make you feel tired and exhausted. Unless you stop worrying, you cannot be in the present moment in totality and enjoy the beauty it has to offer. Therefore, to start living, you need to stop worrying.

Worry is a mental phantom. If you think wisely, then you will realize that there is no place for worry in life. Worry simply means making fool of oneself. There is no way that you can tackle the situations for which you are worried about, because it does not exist in present moment. You can only handle the problems existed in the present moment. Worrying is about putting an extra pressure of uncertain trouble, which may not occur, on the present moment and keep you away from the enjoyment of living.

To stop worrying, you should always keep in mind that it is useless to worry about two things: "things you cannot change" and "thinks you can change". There are many factors in life where you do not have control over such as your height, ageing process, etc. You cannot do any good by being worried about it. Similarly, there are many factors that you can change. So there is no point to worry about them. In order to make the change, you need to take appropriate action rather than wasting your time in unproductive worry.

However, stop worrying does not mean that you should not be concerned about your future. Having a goal to realize in near future gives direction to life and keeps away from indulging in unhealthy activities. Both being concerned and being worried is a part of future but being concerned is a product of love for the life whereas being worried is a product of your fear for the future. So being concerned about your health, wealth, and personality is good in a sense that whatever you do out of love is going to improve the quality of your life.

Hence, always keep in mind that life is uncertain. No one can exactly predict what is going to happen tomorrow. Today is in front of you, make the most of it. Problems will come and go as per their own terms but enjoying each moment of life is living otherwise it becomes enduring. Do not let your worry sap the joy of present moment. If you worry, you will spread negative vibrations in your surrounding and bring your loved ones down. Therefore, cultivate a habit to be concerned about the future but never ever be worried about it. You are not in this world to lead a permanently dissatisfied and non-fulfilled life. So stop worrying and start living to make your life healthy, wealthy and enriching.