The Purpose of Life

Personal Growth

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes it seems very complex, discomfort and unfair with its unexpected twists and turns. While going through the ups and downs of life, the thought about purpose of life crosses almost everyone mind. Unlike other animals which are supposed to mere survive, seeking purpose of life is the beauty of human intellect.

The purpose of life is not abstract for everyone and for always. It differs from person to person and from time to time. As no two people have exactly the same background, skills, conditions and so is their purpose of life. Therefore, it is futile to seek the answer from anyone for your questions; "What is my purpose of life?", "Why I am here?". It is you who are the right person to find the purpose of your life.

As the purpose of life varies from time to time, it is very natural for you to have the different purpose at different stages of your life. For example, earlier you may have not even thought of the purpose of life because you do not feel the need for it but at this very moment, you are thinking about it because you are not feeling happy inside and once you find it; you will be working towards it to make your life worthwhile to live.

To find your purpose of life, you have to give purpose to your life. You need to do things, which increase your self-worth and give a satisfaction inside you. To do that, you should figure out the things which you love to do and that also give meaning to your life. Enhance your own gifted talent and make the best use of it to add value to your life. In life, it is not your shortcoming that matters, what really matters is your positivity. Therefore, concentrate on the positive aspects of your life and do things you are passionate about to make yourself as well as others happy.

Hence, by taking charge of your life and being responsible for your actions, you can make your life purposeful. It is your life, so you are answerable to the questions of life. Once you find your purpose of life, your search will end and your mind stops wondering here and there. The truth is that despite differences in purpose of life; at the end, everyone wants to have peace of mind, which are the ultimate source of happiness. So find your own purpose of life sooner to have a happy and enriching life.