Control Your Impulses

Personal Growth

In life almost at every step to get the best out of any situations it is essential to respond accurately. Acting on impulses does not allow the chance to weigh the pros and cons, and most of the time it turns out to be regretful. That is why, barring life-and-death situations, you need to think first and act later so that you get sufficient time to analyze the situations better and make a right decision about the course of action.

When there is a threat to life, no one can afford to think before making an action. It is very much natural for leap out of the way of speeding car coming towards you. Similarly, when someone throws stone towards your head, you have to bend to save yourself without wasting any time. However, life-threatening situations are very minimal so acting on impulses should be exceptional on the demand of situations.

For everyday situations, to act on impulses is a sign of untrained mind. You cannot imagine the power of mind when it is trained. Generally, people act on impulses in situations when they are; angry with someone, participating in competition, drinking, shopping and of the same. Under the grip of impulses, they react in such a way that they feel sorry for their action later. Impulsive actions are not good for relationships, health, financial decision and success in life.

Hence, to lead a happy and successful life, it is essential to avoid the impulsive reaction. For this, you do not have to suppress your urge altogether but to postpone your reaction for some time. Suppressing your urge could be counterproductive. What you really need to do is to make a conscious effort to delay your reaction until you feel at ease. Take a deep breath, do not argue with your mind and let the time pass. When you come back you will be refreshed and would be able to see things with a newer perspective. This will lead a fulfillment and happiness as you will be able to handle the situation with perfection and see what really matter and what does not. So control your impulses for leading a happy and fulfilling life.