Develop Tolerance

Personal Growth

Tolerance is the yardstick to judge the level of maturity of any person in regard to their ability of accepting and respecting the difference prevailing in their surroundings. It is the tolerance that makes an individual to relate themselves with another person to create happy, mutual beneficial and trustworthy environment otherwise there would be no harmony possible in society because everyone carries a certain set of views, beliefs, faith, behavior, which may not be similar to another person.

We, human being, cannot remain alone at a deserted place away from the society for a very long period of time but when it comes being with another person within a society, family, or workplace, tolerance plays an important part to bind one person to another. Tolerance provides the much-needed ability to forgive and forget the weakness or misdoings of another person and maintain their peace of mind, which are essential to reach the height of success crossing all the barriers lying on the path.

However, the meaning of tolerance should not be made slippery in any particular given situations and re-define it to hide and justify the cowardliness of a person. If someone activity is hurting you on the mental or physical level, you should stand for yourself. You should also your voice in a legally and politically-correct manner if someone's activity appears to be harmful for the society at large. Tolerance is an attribute of powerful man not a simple way to justify the weaknesses of a timid person.

Tolerance is the power to strengthen the power of mind and maintaining healthy relationships with the other people. When you forgive and forget the insult, injuries inflicted by other people, you will not only maintain your peace of mind but also make the other person realize their mistakes and that in turn helps the relationship to grow stronger. So, striving for being tolerant is essential to have healthy relationships and becomes successful in life as well.


Being tolerant is about having an objective attitude to understand, accept, and respect the opinion, lifestyle, faith, believe, or behavior of the other people. Every individual carries the certain set of faith, believe, or views on education, religion, and politics, which may not be the same like you. So it is essential to practice tolerance to have harmony in the surroundings. Here are few tips, which help to develop your level of tolerance:


The root cause of intolerant behavior is the inability to face our own imperfection and weaknesses. Intolerance works as a protecting shield for insecurity, lack of self-worth in life. So to develop tolerance, you need to raise your self-esteem so that you can become self-sufficient and comfortable with yourself.


People use to judge another person based on their own ideas, views and opinions no matter how different the other person is and how they are brought up. It is not wise to make the judgment about another person based on your own perspective of life. So avoid being judgmental to develop tolerance.


Developing tolerance helps us to forgive and forget the misdoing of others and increases our productivity and that in turn leads us towards a happier life. That is why, you should learn to forgive and forget the harsh words, mistakes, or misdoing of others directed towards yourself to maintain a healthy relationship and strengthen your mind.


Everyone is unique in their own way and has the right to be what they are without being forced to be what they are not. So it is essential to have an objective attitude towards those people whose lifestyles are different from yours and respects them for being the person as they are. Accepting and respecting the uniqueness of others helps you to develop the level of tolerance in you.


All religions are good in its own way because all of them are the reflection of ultimate truth. Religions are meant to bring harmony in humanity. Therefore, it is not wise to establish the superiority of own regions over others. You need to keep in mind that religions are different path to help human being to reach their ultimate goal so that you can develop your tolerance towards them.

Finally, intolerance attitude is harmful on physical as a mental level. On the physical level, intolerance raises the blood pressure and that in turn causes severe harm to health and on the mental level intolerance disturbs the peace of mind of a person. The intolerant behavior ruins the relationships of a person in their family, friend, and coworkers. So it is wise to develop tolerance to have a healthy and happy life along with company of loving and caring relationships to share the joy of life.