Hope and Live Happily

Personal Growth

Hope is a driving force that keeps everyone going under adverse conditions. It is hope that keeps us alive and gives us strength to face the challenges of life boldly. Hope makes us belief that there is sunshine at the end of tunnel and that give us reason to live happily.

Further difficult moment in life gives us the opportunity to do things that we could have never thought of in normal circumstances. However, most of the people live in the haze of hopelessness. They do not have faith in life and vision to see silver lining, which are crucial to keep the hope alive. Undoubtedly, no one can exactly predict what is going to happen in the future, but the choice about how to react in given situations is in everyone hands. In life, everyone gets their share of problems sooner or later, but the one who hopes for the best goes through it happily without any kind of whining or complaining.

Hope is not a mere wish, which make a person passive. Hope is a belief that things will get better even if it seems dim at this moment but one has to cultivate and work hard. In fact, hope pushes a person to be active and engaged in a productive work to live life to the fullest.

Hope works as a miracle in life. Miracles happen when one put in their constant and sincere effort to realize their desired goal. When you hope against hope, your mind gets active to come us with a solution to handle the problems of life accurately and make growth in life. There are no problems bigger than the capacity of mind. In fact, there are some situations where you do not have control, but you can change your attitude towards it. After all, you are not defined by your shortcomings but by your achievements in life and how you treat yourself.

Life is full of uncertainties. There will always be trouble, tensions, worries, problems in life. It may vary in degree and intensity from person to person depending on everyone's expectations, desires and their attitude in life. However, everyone has the capacity in themselves to handle the problems of their lives smoothly provided they make use of their gull potential and hope. So, hope for the best even if you feel contrary and put in the required effort to turn the situations in your favour and live happily.