Keep a Check on What Your Mind Consumes

Personal Growth

It is rightly said, 'What consumes your mind, control your life'. The human mind is the most powerful and very much complex creation of nature. The tendency of the mind is that at any given situations, it projects a reflection of stored dominant information consumed by it. If your mind consumes the positive thoughts, it will get reflected in your action, and if it consumes negative thoughts, then negativity will become the way of your life. That is why, if you want to have a positive way of life, you need to keep a check on what your mind consumes.


The thought passes through the mind have the tremendous power over life. The thought which occupies the mind for the longer period of time shapes the life accordingly. Suppose, if you believe that you will be successful in life, you will see opportunity and if your mind thinks otherwise, it will attract hurdles only by the law of attraction.

Often, the web of thoughts passes through mind unconsciously. It is an automatic process, and people generally do not become aware about it. There is a flood of information, thoughts, and ideas in front of mind to get into it through newspaper, TV, mobile, and the Internet. Whatever you see and visualize through your senses occupy some space in your mind and also shape your life as well.

Whether it is beneficial for your personal growth or not, but every thought accepted by mind without judgment and its consequences in your life, influences your attitude and behavior in some way. Hence, if you want to have control over your mind, you need to keep a check on what your mind consumes.


Mind is everything, what consumes your mind, controls your life. What you think you become. So, it is essential to keep a check on what your mind consumes.

Mind is meant to be controlled not the otherwise. It is not meant to control your life out of your own choice. Your mind will be a great servant for you and help you to grow as a strong human being only if you have control over it.

To control your mind, you need to make a conscious effort to focus your attention on the thought which is beneficial for you and filter away all the negative and unwanted thoughts. It is good to make a habit to decide whether thought is useful to you or not so that you can have a full control over your mind and a choice to give your attention to that or not.

Once you start to control your mind, you become the master of your mind, and mind will act as an obedient servant to make your world bright and beautiful. However, it is not easy on the initial stage because you have to go out of your comfort zone and face the revolt of mind, which used to be the master of your life until now, but the effort to control your mind is essential to take control of your life.

Hence, always remember, mind is useful when it is under your control. When your mind will be under your control, your thought will be clear enough to make right decisions to climb the ladder of success and be happy in life. So, if you want to be happy and successful in life, then keep a check on what your mind consumes.