Learn to Stay Calm and Cool

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It is human nature to react angrily to irritation. Criticism, threat or frustration drive almost everyone insane and make them react angrily without considering the consequences of their actions. Most of the time, angry people make the situations even worse and regret in the later stage of life.

Under the grip of anger, people do not have control over their mind; their heart rate and blood pressures go up and tend to create more difficulties for themselves. So it is wise to learn to stay cool in the face of irritation to tackle the situations in a better way.

Anger is a part of everyone's life. Sometimes or other everyone experiences anger. However, the people who manage to stay calm and cool to divert their anger-energy to good use but the one who reacts angrily becomes the victim of it.

Reasons for Angry Moment Life

There are various reasons for angry moment in life. You could be angry at someone or with the problems of day to day life situations. You can even get angry without any external reasons such as worrying about your personal problems.

Often, people have very high expectations from themselves. They look for perfection in everything. But the fact is that everything cannot be perfect. So when the reality does not match with their expectations, they become angry and spoil their day.

The ego of some people makes them vulnerable to anger. They have very low tolerance for frustration and generally get easily angered. Their ego takes them away from the reality of life, and they were not able to accept life as it comes.

Expression of Anger

The natural way to express anger is to react aggressively. When there is a threat to life, self-respect at stake or some kind of frustration; people react angrily to defend themselves. They even get engaged in hurling abusive language and showing their physical power.

Sometimes despite being angry people do not express their anger due to professional security, social norms or laws of land, but they express their anger on subordinates, family member, friends or children because of their own professional or personal problems.

Now a day's road rage is very common. When someone going slow in front of another one, or they want to overtake but not finding the pass, then in that case they engaged in road rage.

Children are also prone to anger and often react angrily whenever their demands are not met.

Even the wise person gets trapped in the web of anger and behaves unreasonably. Unless we all learn to analyze the situations with cool head before reacting, we can never get rid of anger.

In a nutshell, everyone got caught in a web of anger, which is not only painful to the people who get angry but also the society at large. More and more people are becoming violent and short-tempered; their natural instinct is to hit hard if someone messed with them.

The Drawback of Anger

Anger ruins the professional as well as professional relations of person and hurt them on the physical and emotional level. It makes the person feel regretful for their reactions when situations come in a normal stage. In anger, people generally do what they cannot think to do in normal situations.

If the habit of anger not controlled in time, it will overpower you, and you will be the victim of it. Even the natural and common lifestyle incidents make you angry, such as hot weather, rainy seasons, and traffic jam and of the same.

On the physical front, anger increases the heart rate and blood pressure. It takes a lot of energy to respond with anger. The body energy level gets depleted and drained due to anger.

As anger is harmful for ourselves on emotional as well a physical level, we need to manage it and make sure we do not harm ourselves on physical and emotional level and at the same time save our energy level to invest it for our benefits.

On the spiritual level, anger takes us away from the core of human being. Spirituality cannot be followed with angry mind. Once a person develops a habit of being angry, they even tend to magnify the small issues of life just by over-reacting towards them.

Anger Management

There is a lot of anger in the world. The explosion of anger is prevalent everywhere, be it city, village or home. To respond to the anger with more anger only fuels the flame. As we do not put out fire by fanning the flames so we do not put out fires of anger by adding more fire to them.

You cannot get rid of anger or avoid it altogether. You cannot change the behavior of people or remove the things from your life, which irritates you. It is not in your hand. You can only change yourself because how you respond to the things or people who enrage you is in your hand.

Here, the goal of anger management is to protect your emotional feelings and physical arousal that anger causes. This can be achieved only by keeping yourself calm and cool in the midst of angry moment and taking actions based on carefully thought-out decisions.

Steps to Overcome Anger and Stay Calm and Cool:

There are various steps to overcome anger and stay calm and cool based on different ways practiced by people in varied situations to manage their anger. In case if you do not get benefited by mentioned technique, you need to consult physicians.

Understand Your Anger

The first steps towards managing your anger are to understand why you get angry. Is it your ego, frustration or self-respect, which is more vulnerable?

Once you figure out what is the root cause for your anger, you can take steps to overcome it.

Take Responsibility for Your Anger

The root cause of your anger is your own expectations. You expect something to happen according to the way you want them to and expect the behavior of the people should be in sync of your choice, and these is the causes of your anger.

Every person is entitled to behave as per their wish. No one is going to behave according to your liking. Even things have their own way to follow without caring about your expectations. So it is your problems, if you get angry, and you should take responsibility for it.

Postpone Your Reactions

Whenever you get angry, it is not wise to do or say something immediately because in anger you lose control over your mind and not be able to figure out the consequences for your action. So you should postpone your reactions until you become calm and cool.

Practice Deep Breathing and Meditation

The practice of deep breathing can help you to maintain calm and cool composure, and it also keeps the anger at bay.

Whenever you feel that you are getting angry, start practicing deep breathing, it will help you to calm down angry feelings.

The daily practice of meditation helps a person to stay calm and cool in an irritating atmosphere.

For practicing meditation, you do not need to be expert in it. You just need to be in any positions but make sure your back, and head are straight and concentrate over your breathing for sometimes.

Engage Your Mind with Positivity

Mind is very sensitive. Feed your mind with positive thoughts to keep yourself calm and cool. The longer you maintain your peace of mind; your anger will get less attention and energy, and it will gradually vanish.

Hence, always keep in mind, anger is not going to change the behavior of people or turn the situations in your favor. If you get angry, it will worsen the situations, only. So have faith in yourself and lower your expectations from the people or things. Learn to stay calm and cool to deal with the situations in a best possible way.